Youth and Family Aquatics

Parent/child swim lessons

6 months to 36 months


This six-session program introduces the parents and child to an aquatic environment, helping you and your child feel confident about being in the water. We will float, kick, and paddle while singing songs and playing games that promote swimming. The sessions are 30 minutes long.


Member $45.00

Non-Member $55.00



Private Swim Lessons


Our private swim lessons offer a personalized approach for all ages and skill levels, from beginners to those refining their strokes and kicks. The flexibility extends to scheduling, with days and times to be arranged with the instructor. Each lesson is 30 minutes long.


One Session:   

Member $20.00

Non-Member $35.00


Four Session: 

Member $75.00

Non-Member $130.00


Progressive Swim Lessons



This program teaches the child progressive skills. As each level is mastered, the child moves on to the next level, from basic floating, kicking, and breathing to freestyle and backstroke. The schedule consists of six 30-minute sessions.


Member $45.00

Non-Member $55.00



Level 1 Beginner

A beginning class for children who do not know how to swim and have never had a structured beginning-level class. Children will become comfortable in the water and learn personal water safety.


Level 2 Intermediate

Coordinated stroke introduction, development, and mechanics. Students work on front and back crawl strokes, elementary backstroke, treading water, kneeling, and standing dives.


Level 3 Advanced

This is an intermediate/advanced class. Students will work on front crawl and backstroke and develop beginning breaststroke, butterfly, breath control, and rotary breathing.  I will continue to develop water safety skills. The child must be able to swim one length of the pool and be comfortable in deep water to enter this class.