Member Policies

Behavior Policy

All adults, teens and children should feel comfortable and have positive feelings about being a part of the Y family. Inappropriate behavior or language deemed to be in conflict with the welfare and safety of our members and staff is strictly prohibited. Such behavior may take the form of the use of profanity, abusive language, fighting, unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual or abusive nature. The Y also reserves the right to deny facility access or membership to any person who is a sexual offender, who has been convicted of any crime involving sexual abuse, convicted of any offense relating to the sale or transportation of illegal drugs and been convicted of any crime against persons such as children, spousal or parental abuse.

Revoked/ Suspended Membership

Our Y has the right to suspend or terminate a membership if a member’s behavior or language is judged to be in conflict with the welfare of other members or staff or in conflict with the Y’s purpose and values. member


Shoes and shirts must be worn in all areas of our Y, except the pool. Street shoes are not permitted on any wood floors or the pool area. Proper swimsuits must and should only be worn when using the pool. All attire must be consistent with our character values.

Food & Beverage Policy

Food and beverages are only permitted in the lobby.

Tobacco Policy

Our Y is a tobacco-free campus. This includes e-cigarettes and all tobacco products.This includes the front entrance, outdoor pool area and parking lot.

Profanity Policy

Profanity is strictly prohibited in our Y. Any member, program participant or guest who uses profanity will be asked to leave. Repeated behavior will result in membership termination.

Cell Phone Policy

Any person caught taking inappropriate pictures of another person without that person’s permission or knowledge will have his or her membership terminated. Please be considerate of all who utilize our facility by avoiding the use of cell phones while in the locker room and all exercise areas.

Weapon Policy

No weapons are permitted on Y property.

Child Supervision
  • General
    A responsible member at least 16 years of age must directly supervise any member under the age of 12 in all areas of the facility. The instructors and/or parents will monitor program participants during the duration of the class/program.
  • Pools
    The following guidelines have been established for your health and safety in our swimming pools. All swimmers under the age of 12 must be accompanied in the pool area at all times by a responsible person at least 16 years of age. Any child unable to pass the deep water swim test is not allowed in the deep end of the indoor or outdoor pool (which includes the diving board). Any child who cannot pass the shallow water swim test must have an adult within arms reach (in the water) of them at all times.
  • Fitness Center
    14 and older - no restrictions
    12 and 13 - access to youth fitness equipment, bikes, elliptical machines, rowing machines
    10 and 11 - must be accompanied by an adult and can have access to to youth fitness equipment, bikes, elliptical machines, rowing machines. Orientation with fitness staff is required. No one under the age of 14 may use treadmills.
  • Free Weight Room
    16 years and older - no restrictions
    14 to 15 - may use free weights if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. No exceptions.
  • Track
    12 and older may use track
    10 and 11 - may use track if accompanied by an adult
Recreational Swimming

Recreational swimming is offered during most pool hours with the exception of certain swim team practices or special events. A monthly calendar is available at the front desk and online.

Lap Swimming

There is always at least one lap lane available except during special aquatic activities.


Walkers/joggers must be 12 years of age or older to use the track without adult supervision. Please note the signs at both doors that indicate the direction of walking/jogging for the day. The track is not an observation area for other facility activities.

Sauna & Steam Room Usage

Members must be at least 19 years of age to use the sauna and steam room. Proper bathing attire MUST be worn. member


For your protection, many areas of the Y are under video surveillance.

Music Policy

Any music deemed inappropriate by Y staff and is not in accordance with our mission is not permitted to be played in the facility. When playing personal music, please use ear buds.


The Y complies with the intent and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you need special assistance or accommodations, please call or notify the front desk.


Parking is available for members on the street in front of the facility; parking lots located behind the facility on either side of the outdoor pool and on the corner of Main and 10th streets, by the Catholic church. Members may also park along the fence by the Family Dollar Store and at Riley’s Tire after 5:00 pm. Two handicap parking spaces are available in front of the building. Please do not park in front of the daycare center in the drop off space.

Locker Rooms

Adult locker rooms (for ages 19 and older) and family locker rooms (ages 18 and under) are available. Parents accompanying children 6 and under use the family locker rooms based on the adult’s gender. Children ages 7- 18 must use the appropriate gender locker room. Moms with boys and dads with girls can always use the Special Needs locker area. Lockers are for daily use only. Locks left overnight will be removed. Some lockers are available for members to rent. Payment can be made on an annual basis or by monthly bank draft. Invest in a strong lock and always secure your personal belongings. The Y is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We recommend you leave valuables in your locked car.

Nationwide Membership

The YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access.

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